Maple Side Mary Sunshine

maryMaple Side Mary Sunshine was bred on Maple Side Farm by Carol Lush.  Due to a significant pasture injury, she was only breeding sound her whole life.  I know of two foals she produced, Maple Side Cecil and Maple Side Cedric.  Alas, she lost her only pregnancy here and never delivered any foals for us.  She became so crippled and uncomfortable that we sadly had to euthanize her on May 29, 2013.  You are finally at peace and pain free, Mary, but we miss you. Rest in peace, sweet girl.


IMG_0973Muffit was an exquisite example of the Hunter Type Welsh pony. Such beautiful conformation and gaits. She had two foals for QG Farm, Casual But Chic and Spiderman. Sadly, Muffy was laid to rest in 2012. She will be missed by the Qualen’s Gangrel’s people and ponies. Bye, Muff.